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Wedding Engagement Guidelines

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Here are a few simple guidelines that you could try and take note of before the wedding engagement or proposal.

Communication is KEY

Both of you should make some time to talk about the possibilities of getting married.

Ensure that the feeling is mutual and discuss matters/issues surrounding children, finances, dreams, etc. I am sure you don’t want to be completely shocked when he proposes, which could lead to a hesitating “yes”, or even as in some cases a, “Let me think about it.” response!

Discuss the Possibilities of Getting an Engagement Ring

Wearing an engagement ring is viewed as a sort of lifetime commitment by most women. So ensure that discussions are made to either purchase an engagement ring or not. Note though that even though you will talk about it, it does not mean that you will know when he is going to propose!

For the Men – Be a Gentleman

What a better way to be a gentleman than to talk to her parents? In most cases, “parents” may be referred to as the “father”. Time has evolved from the days when a woman was seen as “property” who needed her father’s permission and consent to get married. However, there is still something extremely heart-warming, sweet and respectful about a man asking for the parents’ blessing.

Share Your Reasons For Wanting to Get Marriage

It is simple. Do not just jump into a sacrament as serious as marriage without first discussing the real reason or reasons for wanting to get married. Let your “better half” get a personal view of your feelings towards him or her and be sincere in your approach and tone.

To Make It Public or NOT

It is often believed that every wedding engagement proposal takes place in front of thousands. This may be your dream proposal but not everybody is the same. Some like it simple, personal and intimate because they say it will have a more magical feeling.

So if you like the splashy ideas or just plain old simple, the choice is yours. Besides, you have got the rest of your lives to share the joys of your marriage with others while the engagement moment will be just ONCE!

Do Not Get Engaged TOO Early

Love is a wonderful thing and when you feel that fluttery butterfly in your stomach or whatever other tingly love feeling you develop, be sure as not to rush into a wedding engagement. That may be a very unwise thing to do!!

However, on the flip side of things, do not wait until you think the relationship has reached well over 10years before thinking about the engagement. That may be a bit too drastic. If you should however want to wait, ensure that you are waiting until your relationship is stable, that means the time will differ from couple to couple. This state of being stable will only strengthen your marriage. The bottom line therefore is – make sure you really know each other, and what each other wants from a long term marriage before you even think of committing yourselves to it for the rest of your lives.

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