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Choosing An Engagement Ring For A Man

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Let’s face it…we live in modern times. Things are constantly evolving, and they’ll never be the same. This applies to engagements as well. Traditionally, a man proposes to a woman with a standard engagement ring. However, as women are becoming more and more comfortable with their equal roles, they’re taking to the idea of proposing to their future husband instead. Though it may seem extremely modern to some, it is actually becoming very common. If you’re considering proposing to your male significant other, there are a few things you’ll want to note prior to the purchase of the ring.

First, is your future fiancée comfortable with you proposing to him? Many men are traditional and prefer to be the one who proposes rather than the one who is proposed to. Slyly drop some hints and questions that are specific to a female proposing to a man, and see how he reacts. Second, will your future fiancée be wearing an engagement ring? Until recently, men barely wore wedding rings. You’ll want to ensure he’ll actually commit to wearing an engagement ring, in addition to a wedding ring, before you make any unnecessary purchases.

Men’s engagement rings differ in style from women’s engagement rings. First, the style is usually much more simplistic. Rather than have a ring with prong settings and a center stone, men’s engagement rings tend to be simple bands with some slight embellishments. Bear in mind, many men who use their hands for work, or who have jobs that demand a lot of physical labor, prefer a very simple band to prevent breaking the ring. The best rule to follow is to keep it simple, and if you want to make the ring personal, try engraving a personalized message or significant date on the inside of the ring.

If you want to “jazz” up the ring a little more, you do have several options at your disposal. One option is to create a two-toned ring with two different types of metal. For example, a white and yellow gold ring. You could also choose a very intricate band design that involves different textures, such as a lattice ring. If you want to steer away from traditional metals, titanium is also a very popular selection, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but because of its durability.

If you’re adamant about including some stones in your ring, you can add additional embellishments down the band; however, it’s important to note that most men’s engagement rings do not have a large center stone. If you have your heart set on a center stone for your future fiancée, you can create a channel that holds the diamond in an inset within a wider band. Another option is the use of colored gemstones, rather than diamonds. When creating the design, consider whether or not you’d like to have the wedding ring and the engagement ring melded together in the future.

The price of men’s engagement rings is surprisingly similar to that of women’s engagement rings. The reasoning behind this is the fact that even though there might be fewer precious stones within the ring, more precious metal is used to make the band. Also, the more intricate the design, the more expensive it will be.

Adam Rubin is co-founder and owner of The Jewelry Design Center, a local Georgia jewlery store with 2 locations that specializes in gold buying, custom jewelry design, and jewelry repair

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