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Why You Should Invest in Mobile Hair Salon Equipment

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As a hair salon operator, you may already have an established business at a physical location in your town, but you can also consider offering a portable services as well, which offers home visits or visits to other locations. The benefit of investing in portable equipment is that you are able to expand the range of your business without having to find enough spare capital to invest in a whole salon. There are also many circumstances when you would want to be able to provide a portable hair salon service instead of relying on your static salon business.

Providing hair dressing services to clients who are getting ready for weddings or special occasions is one such time. Most brides and grooms want to look as well presented as possible on their wedding days, but it can be very stressful for them to have to leave their house or hotel room on the morning of the wedding to visit a salon, especially if there is the chance that the weather that day could be wet or windy! Many wedding clients would rather that their stylist be able to come out to their house or hotel room and do their hair in a place where they are relaxed and comfortable. Having a stylist who is willing to do home visits can be especially useful for bridal parties or wedding parties who want the hair of multiple people to be styled before the wedding. It is much easier to coordinate people who will all be in one place anyway, than to try to get the different members of the party to turn up to your salon at different times. It also means that people in the bridal party can get on with other things as soon as their hair has been fixed, and not have to wait around.

Having mobile hair salon equipment can also help you branch out your business in many ways. For instance, if you have mobile equipment, you will be able to travel to fashion shows and photo shoots to do the hair and make-up of local models that need makeovers before their walks. This can provide you with a whole new client base and plenty more opportunities to showcase your work. This type of mobile salon work can be an extra money earner on the side from running your salon full time.

Having portable equipment is also a brilliant idea if you have any older or disabled clients who may find it more difficult to reach your salon because of their mobility issues. Although many hair stylists charge a huge premium for clients wanting home visits, some choose to offer to visit loyal clients at home for the same price as a normal appointment, or for only a small extra fee that will cover the cost of petrol. Not only will this help you to make your clients feel more satisfied, but it will also help to endear you to the friends and relatives of the people you are willing to travel to help.

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