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Wedding Planning Certification – A Way to Start Out Right

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To belong to the league of extraordinary wedding planners, you ought to qualify for a wedding planning certification. We’re saying you ought to but you don’t really have to, because the wedding planning profession is deregulated. This means that, as a person, getting licensed and certified is voluntary and optional. However, the business itself should be duly registered and licensed.

If you want to start your business right, you’ve got to do more than printing your business card and applying for a business license. If you view it as a long-term career, you can add more professionalism and distinction to it. You can work on getting you wedding planning certification and having it approved!

By approval, we mean you rank high in people’s regard. Freelance and independent as you are, your clients and peers know that you practice a code of ethics which is consistent with how the rest of the wedding planning profession operates. Thus, you gain people’s trust and confidence.

Therefore, once you hold the title of being a Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, you are one among an elite few. It is a prestigious title which says you are highly-trained and well-respected.

A wedding planning certification, though, is not enough. First of all, make sure that you gain it from a reputable source. With many certification bodies out there, there is not one single body in which certification is centralized. Thus, you must choose one which is tried, tested, and credible.

For example, the AACWP or American Association of Certified Wedding Planners only accepts members who are trained and experienced. In order to maintain certification, you have to earn a specific number of credits through hours of trainings and seminars attended. This is monitored by a governing body whose members of the board get elected annually.

With a wedding planning certification speaking on your behalf, you will still have to do more so as to build your credibility. More than a piece of paper or an endorsement from a renowned institution, you must start to work on a good track record. If you’re a seasoned and well-reputed wedding planner, you will be backed by good recommendations from satisfied clients. This kind of popularity spreads not only by word of mouth within families and friends but also on a much larger scale through social networking sites. Thus, handle your reputation with care and deliver great services in order to capture that market of happy couples out there waiting to be wed!

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