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Wedding Dresses With Color: Dress Styles for an Unconventional Bride

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While most brides take a decidedly traditional stance on wedding dresses opting for the classic white dress, some brides choose wedding dresses with color. Brides who are not afraid to mix things up with a little color are seen as unconventional and somewhat daring. However more and more modern brides are starting to break from tradition and using colors to do it. It’s not as shocking to see a bride walk down the aisle in something other than white as colored wedding gowns are becoming more acceptable.

Each color means something different, some brides choose to wear wedding dresses with color as a way of conveying a message about themselves. We all know that white has always been a symbol of purity. If you don’t want to wear a stark white dress, but would still like to exemplify purity, why not try something in ivory? Pink is a very feminine color that represents love and loyalty. Blue is said to mean peace and harmony. Green is is often associated with fertility and life. Purple symbolizes royalty and power. Red is often used to convey passion and excitement. Finally black, although not the most popular color for a wedding dress, is the epitome of modernity and sophistication.

Brides often choose wedding dresses with color based on how the color looks against their skin tone. Some colors may make you look washed out while others may have a contrast that is too striking. It’s important to try on the dress and see how it makes you look under different lighting. Some brides choose colors based on their personality, a lot of this is based on the meanings of each color. However different shades of the same color can say something completely different about your personality.

There are brides who don’t give a second thought to wearing a totally non-traditional wedding dress that is completely in a color other than white. Then there are brides who want to incorporate color into their wedding day look, but think that not wearing a white dress is a bit risque. They will be glad to know that many wedding dresses come with color accents. For example the colored sash have become quite popular in recent years. Brides can choose from light pastel colors to bold and vibrant colors. There are also dresses with corsets that have colored ribbon laced up. Other ways color is used include different color fabric for the panel of the dress that peeks out from the folds, intricate embroidery using colored threads or colored beads adorning the bodice of the dress.

Bridal boutiques should have a decent selection of wedding dresses with color or colored accents, but don’t expect to see a huge variety. If you want a dress that is a completely different color, you are better off finding it at a retail store selling evening gowns. It doesn’t hurt to go to a bridal boutique to try on some different styles in white and then try to find the same style in another color elsewhere.

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