Why You Should Invest in Mobile Hair Salon Equipment

As a hair salon operator, you may already have an established business at a physical location in your town, but you can also consider offering a portable services as well, which offers home visits or visits to other locations. The benefit of investing in portable equipment is that you are able to expand the range of your business without having to find enough spare capital to invest in a whole salon. There are also many circumstances when you would want to be able to provide a portable hair salon service instead of relying on your static salon business.

Providing hair dressing services to clients who are getting ready for weddings or special occasions is one such time. Most brides and grooms want to look as well presented as possible on their wedding days, but it can be very stressful for them to have to leave their house or hotel room on the morning of the wedding to visit a salon, especially if there is the chance that the weather that day could be wet or windy! Many wedding clients would rather that their stylist be able to come out to their house or hotel room and do their hair in a place where they are relaxed and comfortable. Having a stylist who is willing to do home visits can be especially useful for bridal parties or wedding parties who want the hair of multiple people to be styled before the wedding. It is much easier to coordinate people who will all be in one place anyway, than to try to get the different members of the party to turn up to your salon at different times. It also means that people in the bridal party can get on with other things as soon as their hair has been fixed, and not have to wait around.

Having mobile hair salon equipment can also help you branch out your business in many ways. For instance, if you have mobile equipment, you will be able to travel to fashion shows and photo shoots to do the hair and make-up of local models that need makeovers before their walks. This can provide you with a whole new client base and plenty more opportunities to showcase your work. This type of mobile salon work can be an extra money earner on the side from running your salon full time.

Having portable equipment is also a brilliant idea if you have any older or disabled clients who may find it more difficult to reach your salon because of their mobility issues. Although many hair stylists charge a huge premium for clients wanting home visits, some choose to offer to visit loyal clients at home for the same price as a normal appointment, or for only a small extra fee that will cover the cost of petrol. Not only will this help you to make your clients feel more satisfied, but it will also help to endear you to the friends and relatives of the people you are willing to travel to help.

Wedding Planning Jobs – Live the Career and Love It!

What exactly are you getting into when you entertain the idea of wedding planning jobs? Well, when you enter a wedding planning career, you will be a bridal consultant, events planner, and wedding arranger all rolled into one. You will live the job and love it!

1. As a bridal consultant

Brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, and in-laws-to-be will forever be consulting you on everything that’s minor and major about weddings. It can range from the bridal dress to the hair and make-up, from the flowers to the food and drinks. In short, the bride’s and groom’s family will always seek your word on what’s best to do from the ceremony to the reception and everything else in between.

2. As an events planner

We choose to say ‘events’ because a nuptial is not just a single event alone which is over with once everything’s been said and done. Rather, it is something more ceremonial, romantic, and picturesque.

A wedding is a series of successive events which lead to that one special moment when two people say their “I do’s”. If you plan it in such a way that these events blend together and flow smoothly one after another, then you are on your way to creating a moment of perfection – or at least, something closest to that.

3. As a wedding arranger

Your job as a wedding arranger is to organize all the different, contributing elements of a wedding into one cohesive whole. The choice of colors, invitations, clothing, flowers, decoration and music will all build around a theme. You of all people will see to it that the entire theme comes out with the maximum output of looking grand, elegant, and lovely with the most minimal input of time and money.

Thus, wedding planning jobs take more than someone who’s creative, artistic, and sophisticated. It also requires a career person who’s tireless, patient, and hardworking! That’s because you’ll have to deal with a load of paperwork, phone calls, and follow-ups just to check that the volume of work gets done. It all depends on whether you’re partially coordinating a portion of the wedding or you’ve been hired to arrange and manage the whole occasion.

When you are into wedding planning jobs, much of your life will revolve around the wedding agenda. You will not lack for social life, not when you are constantly caught up in a whirlwind of preparations which involve people, venues, clothes, flowers, and love. Neither will you be deprived of a personal life, because you will enjoy flexible work hours and professional fees on your own terms.

Wedding Planning: All Your Ideas For Your Wedding Can Work Together

As you have probably realised by now, a wedding is made up of many little details that come together to form a stunning event. Even the smallest of weddings have so much thought and planning that has gone into it to make it extraordinary. Attention to details is essential during wedding planning to ensure that all the elements of your wedding fit well together.

Making all our ideas work together may be a very difficult task to pull off. Especially when your ideas are coming at you from every direction, it may become overwhelming at times. This is when you should take a step back, take a deep breath and consider hiring a wedding planner. Your wedding planner will be the best person to help you sort through all of your ideas. And make things easier for you to bear. You will be able to discuss anything from your colour scheme and wedding invitations to your wedding attire. A wedding planner will definitely ease all your worries. And you will be able to make an informed decision as to what you want for your wedding.

Now that you have all the help you need, you, your partner and your wedding planner can sort through all the wedding ideas so that you have a better idea of how you can make all your ideas work together. Figuring out how to implement your colour scheme or how to fit all your plans into one day will be the fun of it all. Show your colours in the wedding favours, the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers, the draping, the wedding cake, the centerpieces, the table cloths, etc.

Another way that is sure to help you out even more is to make check lists of all the details you want to add to your wedding. Your wedding planner can create check lists for yourself, your bridal party, your groom and even your parents. This way you will be able to keep everyone in the loop without having to run around to eliminate confusion. Everyone will know what they need to do and when it needs to be done. Nothing will be forgotten because you will have everything on the check lists. Having this done well in advance will benefit you.

Making your ideas for your wedding day work for you is vital if you want your wedding to be memorable. Having all the help you can get will not only benefit you but it will benefit your wedding as well. So jot down your ideas and create those check lists.

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Wedding Planning: Deciding On The Number Of Guests To Invite To Your Wedding

It is such a daunting task to decide on whom you’ll invite to your wedding and who not. There is so much you need to consider during your wedding planning such as who will be joining you on your wedding day. Let’s have a look at some of these factors.

Amongst the many things that need to be considered, I will start with one of the very important factors that definitely need to be considered. This factor is the budget. The budget should be the part of your wedding that determines everything else. The budget is your guideline to planning for your wedding. Therefore, you will know how many guests you can afford depending on the amount of money you have available. When considering the amount of guests you will have you need to think about what that entails. Your wedding planner will advise you to consider the food that will be required, the drinks that will be consumed, the possible damages that may occur and the wedding favours that you will give to the guests.

Some of the other factors that need to be considered are the capacity of the venue you want and the relation you have toward the guests. The venue you choose to use will most likely have a maximum capacity and this must be considered when you are deciding how many guests you should invite. If you wish to have your wedding at a specific venue then you have to adhere to the amount of guests that the venue advises. You will not be allowed to have more guests than what the venue can accommodate.

The relationships you have with the guests you wish to invite also play a part in whether you should invite them or not. It is better to invite the people whom you are close with and who are important to you rather than inviting everyone you know. It could be awkward if you invite someone you’ve not seen for over ten years and have not really had a strong bond with. It’s best to sit down with your wedding planner and explain all your guest list concerns. It all depends on your personal preferences with regards to the people who you wish to share your wedding day with.

In the end the people who you invite to your wedding are the people who you will be sharing unforgettable memories with. So make sure that the guests who you have at your wedding are the ones who you really want to be there.

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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Questions To Answer Before Launching Your Wedding Planning Business

It takes more than wedding planning experience and skills to have a profitable wedding planning business. You have to do some homework in order to set yourself up for success.

Here are 5 questions you should be able to answer before you start your wedding business:

1) How will you support yourself as you are building your business?

Wedding planning is not a “get rich quick” business. It may take time before you can make the money you need to support your lifestyle. This may mean keeping a job while you start your business part-time, adding corporate event planning and meeting planning to your services (if you have the skills), or making sure you have enough savings to last you several months.

2) What additional training or experience do you need before you launch?

While you can’t know everything about planning weddings, you may uncover gaps in your knowledge and skills when you start planning your business. If so, look into taking classes that will give you what you need.

3) Whom do you want to target?

Please don’t start a business hoping to appeal to every bride, you’ll end up not appealing to any bride. You want to do some research and find a target group of brides around whom you can create the services and products they would buy, a brand identity and style that would make you appealing to them, and a marketing campaign that would help them understand that you are the wedding planner they need.

4) How will you market your services?

When you first launch your business, you will spend most of your time getting the word out. Start small and don’t let yourself get sucked into expensive advertising and marketing programs. The online basics are a website and/or a blog, Facebook business page, Twitter account, and Pinterest account. You might also want to consider advertising on wedding websites. Offline, you might look into joining business organizations, wedding and event planner associations, and social groups where you can meet brides or people with whom you can exchange referrals.

5) Who else is a wedding planner in your local area?

Learn all you can, but please don’t do it by posing as a bride. Find out which brides they target, how they are different from one another, how they market their services, whether or not they are successful, and what services they may not be selling that brides need so you can offer these unique services.

Taking the time to do some research and serious thinking before you launch will help you create a wedding planning business that can thrive for many years.