Bridal Hair Accessories Throughout the Ages

Bridal Accessories Past and Present

Being a bridal design company and ladies who couldn’t find the accessories we wanted for our own weddings, we are so happy to be able to help brides’ today who are looking for their own perfect wedding accessories.

When brides ask us where we get our inspiration for our designs, we love telling them how our own Grandmother’s dress and other headdresses from times gone by, light up our creative sparks. The results give our own unique twist on designs from the distant past to bring brides a taste of the stunning pieces the Victorian and Edwardian artists produced back then.

Throughout the ages, bridal accessory designs seem to go around in circles and here we give a taste of each era so that when you choose your dress, you will be able to match them with complementing accessories to suit not only your the bride, but the dress and theme they are going for.

Example of bridal headpieces of the past century

Pre Classical period still had its influences going into the 1900s where the bridal accessories could be rather lavish, statement pieces. Brides often wore veils and sometimes their bridal headdresses were more like headpieces due to their size and ornateness. Many were encrusted with crystals and pearls and silk flowers to create a large and beautiful picture. However, after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, with her own real Orange Blossom hair vine was the start of brides who could afford, to wear real flowers in their hair. Queen Victoria’s Orange Blossom Hair Vine was preserved in wax and replicated using wax flowers, designs that my sister and I have reproduced with modern sophistication and charm in our little boutique in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Moving into the 1920′s you have the ‘Flapper’ inspired pieces that were worn with short, sharp cropped hair styles and were, in some cases dramatic and would set a fashion scene that would appear decades later. Headpieces were often worn low down over the forehead with the bridal headdresses being lace, feathers, diamantes, crystals and bling. With drop waist dresses that would still play an important fashion role going into the 1930s.

The 1930′s saw a traditional revival with veils playing an important role and often would cover the entire head creating a laced veiled cap effect known as the ‘Juliet Cap’. Sometimes brides chose halos of lace, ribbon and flowers to create a soft and feminine look for their bridal headdress, each very striking and demure.

Not all 1940′s brides had the same choice of bridal headdresses as Queen Elizabeth who married in 1947 but in these austere war years, brides wanted traditional, princess tiaras with crystal and shine. With long flowing cathedral length veils being the order of the day and at times the full headpiece being chosen, brides of the 40′s looked simply stunning.

Jackie O and the actresses of the roaring 50′s created a new wave of glamour that filtered its way through to the everyday bride. With short, crisp and sassy veils teamed with sophisticated bridal headdresses, the 1950′s brides wanted glitz and glamour and although lace played a big part and full Juliet caps still being fashionable, things were hotting up.

The 60′s saw a few different styles vying for attention. The hippy movement saw daisy chains, flowery, blousy, natural and simple creations whereas there were the brides with the big bouffant hair styles who wanted the traditional crystal tiara and long flowing veil. Larger styles of bridal headdresses seemed to appear again in the 60′s with some brides wanting fuller halo effect pieces to create a statement against the more simplistic waist cinching dresses.

In the 1970′s, our personal favourite era for bridal dresses and accessories that saw a huge amount of bohemian brides with the flower circlets and flowing locks. Yet too, just as popular were the full tiaras, bonnets, headpieces and in some cases large blousy hats that were beginning to become a choice for some, along with the more demure and alluring pill box hats with birdcage veils.

Wow, the 1980′s! Bows, bows everywhere along with satin, ribbon, flowers and hoops. The 1980′s saw big hair, big veils, ruffles and bows and big wedding dress trains, although not many brides opted for the 25ft beauty that Princess Diana had!

Into the 90′s with a real contrast in fashion and a bit of a mixture when it came to bridal accessories. Brides were opting for traditional tiaras full of crystal and bling, yet others were experimenting with revivals and dresses that leaned towards a Tudoresque rather pre-classical style with full length capes or watteau, full arms, embroidered lace and Maid Marion inspired innocence. Towards the end of the 90’s and into the 00’s the vintage pieces were starting to play a part with beautiful pieces being made entirely of antique and vintage jewellery. The heirlooms of tomorrow were being created.

Up to modern times, and vintage is still very much the order of the day. With our service to incorporate a bride’s own heirloom piece into her accessories or even restoring Grandmother’s original headpiece, brides are staking their claims to individuality, glamour and a unique aspect to their day that can so very often have a mass produced feel about it.

So we encourage all brides to sit down with a cuppa, the old family albums and immerse themselves in their own family vintage and historical charm to gain inspiration that ensures the beauty of the past stands the test of time. If you’re a bride who has an old family heirloom, we can offer a full restoration service or provide stunning antique and vintage inspired accessories to complement every bride’s unique style.

My sister and I are proud to offer a complete service to brides, their mothers, mother in laws, maids and family to give a unique and uncontrived look to her beautiful wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you or welcoming you into our little boutique in the lovely market town of Bakewell, Derbyshire in the Peak District National Park.

Wedding Day Accessories For The Bride and Bridesmaids

One of the most important parts of planning and designing a wedding day is the selection of the jewelry. Not only for the bride but for the bridesmaids as well. Costume jewelry can usually be utilized and the lesser prices are always welcomed. Since all weddings are unique with no two being very much alike, the selection of jewelry will be of a personal choice. A choice that will blend well with the overall theme of the wedding day and ceremony. There are a lot of things to be considered along with the choice of wedding day jewelry such as hats, tiaras, veils, handbags and gloves.

Perhaps the most remembered of all tiaras was worn by Princess Di. Is a tiara a requirement of a wedding? Well no, it isn’t but it is certainly one of the more popular accessories that brides all over western civilization opt for. Handbags for the occasion are often a practical part of any wedding ensemble. Veils are traditional and there are many styles to choose from. How many grooms have had to lift a veil from their new wife’s face in order to get that first kiss? Uncountable numbers, I’m sure, which shows the popularity of having traditional wedding accessories even when the entire theme is non traditional.

Wedding hats are big. Many brides want to wear a hat but more often we will see the bridesmaids wearing them. Often the family members, usually the mothers, who are not part of the procession will want to have a matching hat. It helps to display their relation to the bride and groom as well as lending a very festive look to the entire day. Wedding hats have been an important part of wedding day planning for a very long time and will no doubt remain important in the years ahead.

Gloves are also something that brides often wear. Some like the idea of the covered and clean look while other times they just fit the theme and design of the wedding gown well. Bridesmaids will often wear gloves when colors match the outfit and help to complete a look. There are many choices with gloves. Often glove sizes are called by the number of buttons they have. Opera length gloves will have 16 buttons. Over the elbow gloves will have 12 buttons. Gloves extending up to the elbow will have eight buttons. There are also wrist length gloves. Satin gloves are the most popular as they really add an elegant look to any wedding gown style. Many gloves are partially made with an elastic material so that they are stretchy, and this also helps to keep them smooth looking and not wrinkled. Gloves without fingers are also popular, and practical as well when it comes time to put the ring on, or eat the cake.

Brides will often have ideas that come from things they have seen at other weddings, in magazines or just have as their own dream wedding day. Jewelry retailers will have a complete selection of wedding day jewelry and costume jewelry to meet your needs. Shopping through these shops will allow your dreams to turn to reality by choosing exactly what you want and what will be stylish and blend with the theme of your unique wedding day.

Wedding Hair Accessories – Just Like The Icing On The Cake!

Planning a wedding is so exciting. While most brides get their wedding gown right they tend to fumble with the right accessories and hair style. The larger accessories like jewelry, hand bags and shoes get prominence, wedding hair accessories are relegated to the background. But it is a really sensible idea to pay attention to these small details too. The fun lies in getting the details, right. So how about searching for the latest and best available styles that can make the hair look great? They are really like the icing on the cake! And here’s how they help the bride to look picture perfect.

While discussing the styles with the hair stylist, it is best to ask what hair accessory will flaunt the entire look. A very elaborate hair style might not be right if a wedding hair accessory like a bird cage veil has already been selected. It would mar the style. A small hair accessory like a hairpin or a comb may go invisible on a large hair style. So it is a good idea to buy a diamond studded tiara for a slick bun. It will really crown the mane and make the bride look like a princess. There are other choices like jeweled clips, flowers (fake and real), colored feathers with a jewel encased hair comb or pin, headbands or hair sticks. For a glamorous look the choice of a tiara, crystal encased bird veil cage is an appropriate choice. The good thing about wedding hair accessories is that it is suitable for women of all ages. Once the bride has made her choice she can then help the maids to pick up similar pieces to give it a well coordinated look on the wedding day. While discussing the choice of hair accessories and hair style, take a few photographs also from various angles. This also helps to make the perfect choice of the day.

Pearls have been the eternal choice of brides of many generations. Wedding accessories with pearls continue to enchant the new brides too. They are so elegant and are ideal for the well coiffure look. They can be used in designs and patterns of many hair pins, pill box hat veil, bird cage veils, combs, bands. Browse online for some great hairstyles that have pearls on accessories shaped like butterflies or flowers. Brides should have the mane attraction to their wedding.

Use a Themed Wedding to Enhance Your Wedding

Use a themed wedding for the most memorable day of your life. I’ve included tips in this commentary about planning a themed wedding.

Everyone that’s getting married wants to have a perfect wedding day. They really don’t want to elope or get married by the Justice of the Peace.

Tip: Plan ahead.

You’re not eloping. Good planning for your wedding gives you the chance for a perfect wedding day.

You’ll want to arrange for everything, including honeymoon plans, when coordinating a themed wedding. You’ll need to do a little browsing on the Internet well in advance so you can define the topic for your nuptials.

Wedding accessories would be hard to shop for on short notice. You might want to find something uncomplicated for which to shop, that’s easy to put together; or you might decide to be extravagant.

Another tip, to enhance your themed wedding, is: Choose the wedding accessories that you & your guests will use.

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity for you to shop for shoes; your headpiece and even the type of flowers that you’ll display are all part of the wedding accessories that’ll be fun for you to find.

You’ll want to buy a dress and shoes that fit the subject matter of the wedding. Keep your bridal atmosphere design focused on your theme.

Make sure that the shoes, dresses, and headpieces all fit the topic of your themed wedding so it’ll be an ideal event. Choose flowers, which relate to the theme of your wedding. Calla lilies would be out-of-place in a tropical ceremony, so match the flowers to your bridal theme.

Here’s a tip, which you’ll really like, to enhance your themed wedding: Shop for wedding accessories.

Some brides in a themed wedding shy away from traditional ceremonies and opt for a unique service. You may not want the rituals to be traditional, especially if you intend to pledge your life to your lover in an exclusive location; like on a beach.

Your guests will be thankful for creativity of wedding accessories that keeps in tune with the theme. You may want to give your promises in a traditional manner; but you could make your own vows, which would add extraordinary splendor to your themed wedding.

Here’s a tip, which could make your themed wedding extra-special: Plan for the reception.

Keep the reception tied as closely to the theme as possible because your marriage ceremony is represented by your theme.

You may decide to have the celebration, for the start of your life together, in a country setting; or maybe you’ll decide on an exotic setting if you use a fairy tale theme. Make sure that the wedding accessories, including decorations and table ornament, support and match the theme of your wedding.

There could be surprises in any themed wedding; but if you prepare everything in advance, down to the honeymoon plans, you’ll have the best themed wedding possible.

Here’s a tip to enhance your wedding day, which some people simply over-look: Make your honeymoon extra-special.

Continue the theme in spite of the fact that your honeymoon will be in a location someplace other than the reception hall. Build memories together. You’ll want to make your honeymoon plans so it’ll be the most memorable and joyous occasion of your entire life.

You can put in additional wedding accessories including decorations to the room, in order to carry the theme the next day, regardless of where you decide to celebrate your nuptials–albeit in a hotel room or even if you elect to stay in your own home.

Make your honeymoon plans in accordance with your theme, including the type of lingerie you’ll wear.

Keep these five tips in mind when planning for a wedding. They’ll help you have a great themed wedding. You can rest assured that you will find all the accessories, which you’ll need. You’ll have a perfect wedding ceremony possible, because you’ve planned ahead.

How to Find a Beach Wedding Dress

If you have decided that your dream wedding will be held on a beach, where white sands, clear water and lush greenery would be the background of your wedding, you’d better find a dress that would look perfect in such a wonderful natural setting. The following are some guidelines on choosing your perfect beach wedding dress.


Set aside a budget for your wedding dress as this is considered as one of the highlights of your wedding. You can look at wedding boutiques for this type of dress. Some upscale department stores also offer beautiful wedding dresses perfect for the beach setting. If you want to splurge a bit, you can purchase a famous designer wedding dress. It’s worth the price because you only get to have a wedding once in your life, thus it must be perfect in every detail.


Going to a wedding boutique or to a designer’s to look for sketches is a good idea, you can also communicate to the designer on what sort of dress you have in mind so that the designer can come up with something that you really love. Another option is to look for a ready-made dress at wedding stores, upscale department stores or on the internet. The internet has a wide array of summer beach dresses which cater to your budget and needs.

Material and Style

Since the wedding will be held outside, choose a material that is very lightweight such as crepe, charmeuse, cotton eyelet, and chiffon. You should stay away from organza, brocade and velvet. You want something that you can walk and move in easily especially if you’ll be strolling on the sand with your loved ones. Getting a long flowing train isn’t advisable since it’ll get dirty in the sand which does not look good on the pictures plus you might accidentally trip over it. Your dress should look casual but elegant. Don’t forget to have a coordinating look with your groom. His outfit should also be hassle free and comfortable to walk around in.


Never buy a wedding dress if it doesn’t fit or is two to three sizes smaller than your normal size. Don’t think that a crash diet would magically turn you two to three sizes smaller. For most women who’s insisting they can’t have their wedding if they haven’t bought the dress they saw on the net or at the mall, the only option is to get a good seamstress to see if she can make any adjustment to make it look as if it was specially made just for you.


Wearing a simple headpiece on your hair would complete the look for your summer beach dress. A flower wreath on your head adds a taste of glamour without looking as if you tried too hard. This will also draw attention to the bride’s face and makeup. The bride’s makeup by the way should be as simple as possible using a liquid foundation with SPF, a light eye makeup, a sheer blush and a pink lipstick to keep her glowing all throughout the wedding.

How to Choose The Wedding Dress

Wedding day is a very important day in everyone’s life. It is a very difficult task to choose a beautiful wedding dress for every bride. As the wedding dress has a special meaning, every bride wishes to have a perfect dress for the wedding. The bride can be the most beautiful women in the ceremoney when she is in the wedding dress. It plays a very important role in the wedding.

You need to be patient and plan carefully when you make the choice of your dress. There are countless styles and fabrics for the wedding dresses, and you have to choose the right one for you. Traditionally, the white dress is most popular because white symbolizes purity and chastity. If you don’t want a white dress, you can choose from a wide range of colors: Champagne, Ivory, Pearl, Cream and so on.

Commonly, the fabrics for the dress are taffeta, satin, organza and so on. Before you start to choose the dress, you can have a look at some wedding magazines for inspiration. And also you can find a lot of wedding dresses on the internet. There will be many wonderful models on the web.

When you make your first visit to a bridal shop, it is great if you have already known what kind of style you want. In most bridal shops the sellers can give you good advice to choose the dress. The trained staff can help you not only to choose the dress, but also the matching accessories for the dress. You should make sure that your dress is not only pretty, but also comfortable. You can also have your own ideas about the dress and make the dress customized as you wish. In this way, you can choose the fabric, color, cutting ways, and other details of the dress as you want.

If you are in a limited budget, you can use a second-hand wedding dress. Nowadays, there are many shops that sell second-hand dresses which are in good conditions. Most of them have no differences with the new ones and are in low price. Meanwhile you can buy the dress from the internet. There are many online shops which sell the dresses for the bride. Because it is not possible for you to have a try of the dresses when you are shopping on the web, I suggest you be careful when you choose the dress. You’d better order the dress in advance, in case you need the dress changes as it may not fit you well.

Custom Made Wedding Dresses – What To Expect

If you want to be truly unique on your wedding day, a one-off wedding dress designed exclusively for you has to be the perfect answer. While ready-made and designer label wedding dresses can be fabulous, nothing can beat a dress designed with your ideas, style and figure in mind.

However, commissioning a custom-made wedding dress isn’t for the last-minute bride. The whole process can take six months or more, from the first consultation to the final fitting. Here is a guide to what to expect if you are thinking of taking this route for your wedding dress.

1. Choosing your dress designer
Most couture wedding dress designers can design in a wide range of styles and fabrics, but as you look through their portfolios you will notice that they each have a signature style of their own, whether it is elaborate beading, elegant simplicity or clever use of lace and intricate fabrics. Make sure that you look through a number of portfolios and ask to see actual dresses made, as well as photo,s before making your final choice. Get references too, so that you can speak to previous clients.

2. The first consultation
This is when you bring all your ideas along and discuss themes, designs and possible styles for your dream wedding dress. Your dress designer will be able to tell you which of your ideas will work and which really won’t do you justice, and will add her own creative input and suggestions. You may be able to try out different styles of dresses to get a better idea of how certain cuts and lengths look on you. Make sure that you share all the other wedding details, such as day or evening, formal or not, the venue, any decor and color schemes decided upon, so that you can work out a design that fits perfectly with your overall inspiration.

3. Preliminary sketches and second consultation
Your designer will come up with a series of preliminary sketches based on the ideas you discussed together. At your second consultation you will make a final choice of design and choose fabrics together, draping various fabrics to see how well color and texture work on your particular complexion and hair coloring.

4. Fittings
Various fittings will be required at different stages of the making of the dress, according to the style of dress and the designer’s work methods. Expect at least two fittings and perhaps several more, depending on the complexity of the dress. Final alterations and bead work are often left until only two months or so before the wedding, to allow for possible weight fluctuations, so that the dress will fit perfectly on the day.

All in all, if your dream dress is proving hard to track down, it is well worth going to a couture wedding dress designer to commission your own unique wedding gown. Just allow enough time for it to be completed without any rush.

Wedding Dresses With Color: Dress Styles for an Unconventional Bride

While most brides take a decidedly traditional stance on wedding dresses opting for the classic white dress, some brides choose wedding dresses with color. Brides who are not afraid to mix things up with a little color are seen as unconventional and somewhat daring. However more and more modern brides are starting to break from tradition and using colors to do it. It’s not as shocking to see a bride walk down the aisle in something other than white as colored wedding gowns are becoming more acceptable.

Each color means something different, some brides choose to wear wedding dresses with color as a way of conveying a message about themselves. We all know that white has always been a symbol of purity. If you don’t want to wear a stark white dress, but would still like to exemplify purity, why not try something in ivory? Pink is a very feminine color that represents love and loyalty. Blue is said to mean peace and harmony. Green is is often associated with fertility and life. Purple symbolizes royalty and power. Red is often used to convey passion and excitement. Finally black, although not the most popular color for a wedding dress, is the epitome of modernity and sophistication.

Brides often choose wedding dresses with color based on how the color looks against their skin tone. Some colors may make you look washed out while others may have a contrast that is too striking. It’s important to try on the dress and see how it makes you look under different lighting. Some brides choose colors based on their personality, a lot of this is based on the meanings of each color. However different shades of the same color can say something completely different about your personality.

There are brides who don’t give a second thought to wearing a totally non-traditional wedding dress that is completely in a color other than white. Then there are brides who want to incorporate color into their wedding day look, but think that not wearing a white dress is a bit risque. They will be glad to know that many wedding dresses come with color accents. For example the colored sash have become quite popular in recent years. Brides can choose from light pastel colors to bold and vibrant colors. There are also dresses with corsets that have colored ribbon laced up. Other ways color is used include different color fabric for the panel of the dress that peeks out from the folds, intricate embroidery using colored threads or colored beads adorning the bodice of the dress.

Bridal boutiques should have a decent selection of wedding dresses with color or colored accents, but don’t expect to see a huge variety. If you want a dress that is a completely different color, you are better off finding it at a retail store selling evening gowns. It doesn’t hurt to go to a bridal boutique to try on some different styles in white and then try to find the same style in another color elsewhere.

Lace Wedding Dresses: Add a Touch of Femininity to Your Wedding Day Look

Lace has been used for centuries to create magnificent wedding dresses. The design details of lace make it exceptionally beautiful and feminine. That is why so many brides want to incorporate lace into their wedding day look. Lace wedding dresses never go out of style, because they are classic and timeless. Whether used as a simple accent or worn from head to toe, any bride would look absolutely amazing in a lace dress.

All of the well known wedding dress designers have used lace in one way or another. This means that it can still be hip and trendy, depending on how it is used. Obviously when we think of lace wedding dresses, the word vintage comes to mind. You can probably find gorgeous vintage lace dresses at a second hand store. If you don’t want a dress that looks dated and you’re looking for something a little more current, there are plenty of sleek and sophisticated wedding dresses that have just a touch of lace.

Lace detailing can be very intricate and looks exquisite. It can be worn to look elegant or for some added sex appeal. Lace looks great paired with other fabrics. The fabrics most commonly used are lightweight such as tulle or organza. Layer some lace over these fabrics for a classy look. Wear lace on its own and it becomes quite sexy, because lace only covers a certain amount of skin.

Lace wedding dresses come in a variety of different styles. There are the dresses that are completely layered with lace. These types of dresses are incredibly romantic and makes a woman feel enchanting. The style of the dress is usually A-line with a long skirt flowing to the floor. A lace train would make this look even more breathtaking. There are also dresses that just add a touch of lace on its own. It’s great to show a little skin around the neckline and in the arm area. That is why there are so many wedding dresses with a lace neckline or sleeves.

Lace wedding dresses can cost a lot if the finest materials were used to create it such as silk or linen. However nowadays most lace that is used is made out of either cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester. The lace made from the finer fabrics are often softer and feel better against the skin. Designer wedding gowns typically use this type of lace for a more luxurious look and feel. Lace made with cotton or polyester can feel a little harder and stiffer. The more affordable wedding dresses usually go with this option to help reduce the cost. However you don’t necessarily have to buy the designer dress to feel or look stunning. No matter what the lace is made of, they all look pretty much the same. You can still look like a million bucks without spending as much.

Hair Styling Advantages of Short Hair Styles

Probably, you have had short hair for a while and have now settled to let it grow a little longer. Once, your hair will not be short any longer, but it would not be a real medium length yet as well. This “in-between” length will most probably drive you crazy, but with a bit of patience and some nice hair styling tools present on the market nowadays, you will see that it is virtually probable to enjoy styling your hair, while you are growing it longer. You can get some real fun with the length between short and medium, in case you check what other styles are out there. You can use hair styling shears, mousse, blow dryer, wax, gel, curling iron, hair setter, etc.

Letting anyone loose on their hair with a pair of hair cutting scissors might induce some very unpleasant results, and a lot of people have already ran across such consequences. Anyway, operating hair-clippers to cut short hair style does not require much skill. It’s just an instance of adjusting to the desired length with a guard and making sure the hair-clipper runs over the area that has to be cropped. It is almost impossible to crop the wrong area with the hair-clipper. But if you really want to make yourself a good haircut, or trust someone else in this issue, why do not you invest into a set of nice and solid hair cutting scissors?

The very first step in making the turnabout is to get rid of your worries about losing the long ringlets. A lot of women want to make the change, since they know that the shorter hair will look good, but they snatch at their hair styles of their twenties. There is some fear among such women. But the thing is that at some point in their lives, a shorter style of hair can be more convenient and complimentary for mature women.

Layers have a lot of other benefits, besides their versatility. For example, adding layers can modify an old-fashioned style without too much alteration, and layers might be both elegant and flirty, which makes them adjustable to any age. Moreover, different layers could add natural hair volume without using any chemical means. Also, layers can help damaged hair with split ends, since layering demands cutting off the broken and split ends. This provides hair with a more shining look. Making layers could lighten too thick and heavy hair, letting its natural shape to show in long and medium styles. Layering can be advantageous for people, who undergo migraines, because it can grant certain relief due to the lighter style it makes.

A wavy style with the hair combed back shows absolute finesse, when the hair is short. In case your hair is curly, this is a perfect solution for you. Just comb your hair back, lay it and add the polish (e.g. wax). In case your hair is straight, you would require a curling iron and a good spray for hair setting. After you have curled your hair, you have to the same as it was already described earlier. Anyway, it is better to not comb the hair too much, since your curls are not natural.

Nowadays’ popular bridal hairstyles abound in short haircuts. Wedding hairstyles are critical to compliment the bride’s appearance, apparel, jewelry and the wedding’s mood. Choosing the appropriate hair style for the happy wedding day has to be granted with a comprehensive attention.

There are plenty of alternatives for better the square face shape. This is another great benefit to the square type of face, since not all face shapes get such amount of choices. The majority of choices will be restricted with the medium and short hairdos. Additionally, layers will improve the entire appearance. In case the face tends to look square and short, you will want to make it “longer”, which can be achieved by adding height or volume to the hair’s- crown.

Curling straight hair is not a brand new idea. Women of Ancient Egypt have been coating their hair setting in mud, wrapping it around wooden bars and then warming it up in the sun to make it curly. Today you can make curls that will not wash out. Today’s permanent waves were first introduced by A. F. Willat, who has invented the technique of “cold permanent wave” back in 1934. Since that time, improved techniques have made permanent waves one of the most variable alternatives in hair styling tools.