Wedding Planning: Deciding On The Number Of Guests To Invite To Your Wedding

It is such a daunting task to decide on whom you’ll invite to your wedding and who not. There is so much you need to consider during your wedding planning such as who will be joining you on your wedding day. Let’s have a look at some of these factors.

Amongst the many things that need to be considered, I will start with one of the very important factors that definitely need to be considered. This factor is the budget. The budget should be the part of your wedding that determines everything else. The budget is your guideline to planning for your wedding. Therefore, you will know how many guests you can afford depending on the amount of money you have available. When considering the amount of guests you will have you need to think about what that entails. Your wedding planner will advise you to consider the food that will be required, the drinks that will be consumed, the possible damages that may occur and the wedding favours that you will give to the guests.

Some of the other factors that need to be considered are the capacity of the venue you want and the relation you have toward the guests. The venue you choose to use will most likely have a maximum capacity and this must be considered when you are deciding how many guests you should invite. If you wish to have your wedding at a specific venue then you have to adhere to the amount of guests that the venue advises. You will not be allowed to have more guests than what the venue can accommodate.

The relationships you have with the guests you wish to invite also play a part in whether you should invite them or not. It is better to invite the people whom you are close with and who are important to you rather than inviting everyone you know. It could be awkward if you invite someone you’ve not seen for over ten years and have not really had a strong bond with. It’s best to sit down with your wedding planner and explain all your guest list concerns. It all depends on your personal preferences with regards to the people who you wish to share your wedding day with.

In the end the people who you invite to your wedding are the people who you will be sharing unforgettable memories with. So make sure that the guests who you have at your wedding are the ones who you really want to be there.

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Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Questions To Answer Before Launching Your Wedding Planning Business

It takes more than wedding planning experience and skills to have a profitable wedding planning business. You have to do some homework in order to set yourself up for success.

Here are 5 questions you should be able to answer before you start your wedding business:

1) How will you support yourself as you are building your business?

Wedding planning is not a “get rich quick” business. It may take time before you can make the money you need to support your lifestyle. This may mean keeping a job while you start your business part-time, adding corporate event planning and meeting planning to your services (if you have the skills), or making sure you have enough savings to last you several months.

2) What additional training or experience do you need before you launch?

While you can’t know everything about planning weddings, you may uncover gaps in your knowledge and skills when you start planning your business. If so, look into taking classes that will give you what you need.

3) Whom do you want to target?

Please don’t start a business hoping to appeal to every bride, you’ll end up not appealing to any bride. You want to do some research and find a target group of brides around whom you can create the services and products they would buy, a brand identity and style that would make you appealing to them, and a marketing campaign that would help them understand that you are the wedding planner they need.

4) How will you market your services?

When you first launch your business, you will spend most of your time getting the word out. Start small and don’t let yourself get sucked into expensive advertising and marketing programs. The online basics are a website and/or a blog, Facebook business page, Twitter account, and Pinterest account. You might also want to consider advertising on wedding websites. Offline, you might look into joining business organizations, wedding and event planner associations, and social groups where you can meet brides or people with whom you can exchange referrals.

5) Who else is a wedding planner in your local area?

Learn all you can, but please don’t do it by posing as a bride. Find out which brides they target, how they are different from one another, how they market their services, whether or not they are successful, and what services they may not be selling that brides need so you can offer these unique services.

Taking the time to do some research and serious thinking before you launch will help you create a wedding planning business that can thrive for many years.